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Recover From Your Cancer Treatment Within 3 Months, No Matter Your Age, Situation or Current Knowledge
  • Partner with a Cancer Recovery Coach (who's been where you are).
  • Follow the 'Cancer Recovery Plan' through nutrition & lifestyle support.
  • Feel safe in your body & heal from the side effects of treatment.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk of recurrence so you can focus on the things that bring you joy.
Taking you from cancer survivor to Cancer Thriver!

Hi, I'm Jo, a Health Coach specialising in cancer recovery.


I've been where you are. I know the mixed emotions & feelings that you might be left with after cancer treatment.


I remember when I was finally told 'there is no evidence of disease'.


I expected to feel over-joyed and 'on top of the world'.

But I soon realised that I couldn't fully feel those emotions.


Others needed to be heard first, like the persistent anxiety of reccurrence and the feeling that you can't trust your own body anymore. 


You may also have been left with side effects from treatment like fatigue, gut issues and low mood.

Image by Keenan Constance
Image by Leo_Visions

The Path to Recovery...

I spent years studying ways to address these feelings, heal my body and prevent this ever happening to me again.


This lead me on the path to becoming a Cancer Recovery Coach specialising in helping you to craft a new lifestyle that helps you to feel safe again after your cancer treatment.

Cancer is the ultimate wake up call, it's the ultimate cry from your body to stop and take note that something is out of balance. It's time to focus on your health & prioritise your well-being.

Cancer is a metabolic, environmental and emotional disease.


This is good news as it means you can take control of your own health and begin healing as well as greatly reduce the risk of it returning. Taking control of your own health is one of the first steps to you healing.

But where do you start? What do you do?

You know you can't go back to the way you were living, but you're not sure what or how to change. That's why I'm here.

I support you and guide you on this journey, to find a new normal, even better than before.


I am there every step of the way with you providing custom health plans, designed specifically for your current situation, that evolve over time as you move into the different stages of healing.

Along with practical tips and guides and much more, (and a listening ear as someone who has been there and gets it).

Each stage will help you feel empowered in your decisions, confident in your body and inspired by the future that you will be stepping into.

After everything you have been through you deserve to feel like you are thriving and not just surviving. Let's get your MOJO back!

Image by Drew Colins
What I help you with...

Gut Health 
1 round of antibiotics kills 90% of your gut bacteria. Imagine the damage caused to your gut from chemotherapy and other cancer drugs. I will teach you how to rebuild and rebalance your gut microbiome so it can work effectively.

Reducing Inflammation​
All disease starts with chronic inflammation. I will help you create an anti-inflammatory new sustainable, long term diet that you can stick to, to create an environment where cancer cannot thrive.

Many cancers can be attributed to environmental factors, including exposure to carcinogens. I will help you reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and provide safer solutions.

Sleep & Movement
Sleep and movement are essential to your healing. I will help you optimise both of these, taking careful consideration of your current situation.

Emotional Health​
Emotions pay a key role, for example chronic stress or repressed emotions have a negative impact on your immune system. Reframing and working on positive mindset is a key part of your healing that I will help you understand and implement.

Health Coaching is right for you if...
  • You are struggling with side effects post cancer treatment.
  • You want to make a change but you don't know where to start.
  • You want to feel healthy and reduce your risk of recurrence.
  • You want to 'thrive' rather than 'survive'.
  • You want support and accountability to achieve your goals.
How do we start?

You book an appointment on my calendar to talk

I talk you through the process and find out about your situation

We start as soon as possible

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